Ten Years in the Making...the Sequel to The Big Leap

The Joy of Genius
The Joy of Genius

Are You Holding Back from Fully Expressing Your Unique Genius? It's Time to Take The Ultimate Leap Into Your True Creativity...

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The Joy of Your Genius Is Like Great Sex...All Day Long

Discovering the joy of your genius is like making love with the creative essence of the universe. It feels very good... and it's very good for you. That's what I want you to feel when you read The Joy of Genius, my sequel to The Big Leap.

The Joy of Genius takes off where The Big Leap ends. This new book propels you into even greater expansion—with a step-by-step system for freeing yourself from negative thinking and giving a quantum boost to your own unique creativity. Best of all, you can feel the delicious effects in your body...all day long.

A Wonder-Question and a Personal Mission

The Joy of Genius started with a wonder-question that turned into a life-mission:

How can I spend the majority of my time doing what I most love to do while making my greatest contribution to the world?

The answers I share in this book teach you how to live full-time in the boundless realm of your genius.

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Deeper Into The Joy of Genius...

Gay Hendricks
The Joy of Genius

The Joy of Genius: The Next Step Beyond The Big Leap is full of practical, powerful insights and deeply personal stories I've never shared before. Some of the stories aren't pretty (like the gritty details of a time in my pre-Katie days when I concealed and then confessed to an affair) but they're all real.

In the first part of the book, I teach you a mind-body tool you can use in any moment you feel unhappy in any way. Up until now, you've probably been relating to negative thinking and doubt in a habitual, effortful way—one that keeps you stuck repeating the same negative patterns. This simple tool bypasses your habitual intellectual response to create transformative shifts within you, allowing you to engage with life in a completely different, effortless way. It's a priceless portal into the life you really want to live, freeing you up to exist in a continuous upward spiral of creative expression.

In the second half of The Joy of Genius, you'll learn how to end your specific type of negative thinking and increase the flow of your authentic creativity. The more you engage with your genius, the luckier you get. I'll teach you how using the mind-body tool to unlock your genius in every area of your life—from relationships and business to health and wealth.

Throughout the book, you'll get hands-on activities to open up that space—mentally, emotionally, physically—for wonder and creativity. Whether you need a kick in the butt to stop making excuses about starting a creative project or a practical plan for getting more out of every area of your life, get ready to step full-time into your genius.

The Joy of Genius gives you a new way of seeing the world:

  • A piece of wisdom that took me half my life to figure out (this will save you years of unnecessary struggle.)
  • How to quickly discover your own genius (what you really love)—including the unpredictable ways genius reveals itself to you.
  • How to stop a stream of negative thoughts in a split second (it's not about thinking positive thoughts, either.)
  • The difference between ordinary creativity and true creativity (when your genius serves you and others at the same time.)
  • How to stop caring about what other people think of you so you can live a life completely true to you!
  • Why thinking about your past is actually an addiction you're using to keep from unleashing your creativity.
  • The real reason you engage in imaginary conversations and ruminations—and how to stop "incompletions" from the past from interfering with your future.
  • Why you need to escape the "Excellence Trap"—if you're great at what you get paid for but still feel unfulfilled, you know exactly what I'm referring to.
  • How to know if you're in a relationship based in fear—and how Katie and I set up the foundation for a marriage that allows both of us to live fully in our genius.
  • How to treat your genius just as you would your beloved—because your true creativity needs to be wooed on a daily basis!

Praise for The Joy of Genius and the Work of Gay and Katie Hendricks

Arielle Ford

"Imagine sitting down with the coaching legend, Gay Hendricks, as he works his transformational magic with you! Reading his new book, The Joy of Genius, is just like that. He's truly a genius at giving us the tools to unleash our own genius."

—Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

Deepak Chopra

"The inner intelligence of the body is the ultimate and supreme genius. Gay shows how to connect with this inner intelligence and discover the secrets to healing, love, intuition, and insight."

—Deepak Chopra

Neale Donald Walsch

"I am so deeply impressed with the love, wisdom, and clarity that Kathlyn and Gay bring to their work. Their insights on relationships can be life-changing."

—Neale Donald Walsch

Dawn Montefusco

"There is an ah-ha moment on every page!"

—Dawn Montefusco, Author and Life Coach for Writers and Creatives